(Here comes the Blues!)

If the topical subject in Taiwan at the moment is the impeachment of President Chen Shui-Bian, I can tell you France's one: the German Football World Cup!

France won the 1998 World Cup at home and the 2000 European Cup (also called Euro. Yeah, just like the currency). And since, the performance of our national team has gone lower and lower... In the 2002 World Cup in Japan/Korea, France was eliminated almost immedialty: it didn't even reach 1/8 finals.

This year, things are going a little bit better: France qualified for 1/8 finals, and is playing tonight against Spain for 1/4 finals! But to go so far, you can't imagine the drama it has been in the media. The national selecter (yeah, that's the French name for "'national trainer"; it sounds better because there's "select" inside) accused the media of pissing everyone off with their criticism, the selected players said the same things, the un-selected players said the national selecter (his name is Raymond Domenech, btw) is pissing THEM off, and everybody in France (around 60 million people) was commenting, giving his/her opinion, criticizing, etc... Finally, France won some matches and got qualified, but the drama around it is just unbearable.

Anyway, beyond these problems of player selection, of strategy, of player placement, and so on, there is the show to watch, and so far it's not that good. Everybody is complaining about the referees, who are making so many mistakes this year that they are litteraly changing the results of all the matches. One exemple: during the France / Korea match, France scored 2 goals, but one was refused by the referee. It was proved later that the 2nd goal was valid, but anyway the result was there: draw (1-1). Same thing happened during Italy / Australia, etc, etc...

But basically, the actual problem I am facing, as average French TV viewer-no-liking-football-that-much, is that there is nothing on TV at the moment worth watching when a football match is playing on another channel. TF1, the main private channel, got all the TV rights for all the football matches in which France is playing. All the other channels simply don't want to play interesting movies or documentaries, because they know nothing can compete with a football match including "les Bleus". By extension, it spreaded to all the moments when a World Cup match is broadcasted on any channel. So to speak, you are getting your brain washed if you watch French TV in these days...

The name of our national football team is "les bleus" (the blues), because of the color of their t-shirt. At the moment, the ones who got the blues are the guys like me who can't watch CSI...

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  • kuanh
  • maybe you can also join the swiss tourism, hehe...
    btw, here we still have a lot of CSIs to watch. Don't be jealous:)

  • H95210
  • Well, Swiss was eleminated by Ukraine, as you can see here:
    And France won against Spain yesterday. Next match (on
    Saturday): France Vs Brazil.
    Everybody wonders who's gonna win. When things go this way, it's
    more intertesting than watching CSI ;-)
  • kato
  • ni-how, mr.H,

    nice meeting you here and give the warmest taiwanese gretting to you.
    so funny to see you couple teasing each other, intersting and lovely; mice article, keep going, don't stop.

    one more question: what does "95210" mean? the zip code? something like "Beverly Hills, 90210" ???

    如果是的話,我心裡OS: "整個也太沒創意了..."(環阿觀這句就不用翻譯給H聽了)


  • kato
  • ahhhhh.....
    correction! it should be "N"ice article not "M"ice, soli soli...
  • kuanh
  • 哈哈~
  • H95210
  • Kato: It's the Zip code indeed. See my blog on Wretch for
    additional information.